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Teaching in a 'war zone'

November 23, 2017

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After ITEPS?

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April 1, 2020

Hi all,

My name is Mariëlle Spijker, I am 22 years old and I am currently living in Aruba. I graduated ITEPS last summer.

I did my final teaching practice at the Carlucci American International School in Portugal. This was an amazing experience. My mentor teacher was inc...

December 5, 2019

Dear ITEPS students,

I feel very lucky to get this chance to write to you about my experiences applying for jobs at international schools and everything that comes with it.

My name is Anneloes and I graduated from ITEPS in the summer of 2017. My first job after graduatin...

November 4, 2019

After graduating ITEPS in July I landed a job at a bilingual IPC school in The Netherlands. I am currently teaching a year 3 class with 25 children. Before the summer break I already knew that I got the job and I also met the class that was going to be mine very shortl...

January 13, 2019

After 4 years of ITEPS I graduated last summer (2018), still doubtful if being a teacher was going to be my future. I started the course with these doubts, but lacking other brilliant ideas I decided to just go with it and see what teaching would bring me. Now, 4 years...

January 23, 2018

Applying for teaching jobs is nerve wrecking. What the recent graduates had told so many in my year was that we had to start applying for teaching positions in February/March or in May. This seemed illogical as we still had to write our dissertations and complete vario...

November 27, 2017

Today, I have just finished my day with my 7-8 year olds and have to head to the conference room because we have a meeting. After the meeting I will prepare the last things for tomorrow and then it’s time to go home again. Tomorrow, nineteen 7-year olds will be waiting...

November 26, 2017

My name is Owen and I currently work as a lower primary teacher at Transylvania College in Cluj, Romania. How did I get here, you ask? Well, I’m lucky enough to be an adult “Third Culture Kid” (ATCK), I have a passion for teaching & culture, and - most importantly - I...

November 25, 2017

After graduating from ITEPS in September (2017) I moved to Kuwait to teach year 2 at a British school.

My first impression of Kuwait was positive and since this is my first time in the Middle East, I was eager to experience the culture and practices of my new home. The...

November 23, 2017

My name is Anneloes and I graduated from ITEPS in 2017. I started my first job as a primary school teacher on the beautiful Caribbean island Saint Maarten.

My first weeks as a kindergarten teacher were crazy, there are so many things I have to do now that I never experi...

November 22, 2017

Hi everyone, 

my name is Romy and I graduated from the ITEps course last year (2017).

In August I started working at the British International School of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as a year 2 teacher. A few of the current ITEps students probably know this school really well, f...

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January 13, 2019

November 26, 2017

November 23, 2017