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Life of a newly graduated ITEPS student

Today, I have just finished my day with my 7-8 year olds and have to head to the conference room because we have a meeting. After the meeting I will prepare the last things for tomorrow and then it’s time to go home again. Tomorrow, nineteen 7-year olds will be waiting for me to collect them from downstairs. We have a full day with maths, literacy, guided reading, a visit to the library (we have a library in the school), Dutch lessons and we will be working on the project about food in different countries. Having your own classroom is hard work, it’s not just creating lesson plans and teaching it. All the additional things take up a lot of time in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings

Practice makes perfect

My name is Owen and I currently work as a lower primary teacher at Transylvania College in Cluj, Romania. How did I get here, you ask? Well, I’m lucky enough to be an adult “Third Culture Kid” (ATCK), I have a passion for teaching & culture, and - most importantly - I have spent four unforgettable years studying to be a top professional in our field. After graduation, I knew one thing: I wanted more experience before taking over my own classroom (not that I wasn’t cheeky enough to apply for some positions anyway). I had enough experience to know that I didn’t have enough experience. I feel that no course, not even one as practical and awesome as ITEps, can prepare you for your first year as

Having the Time of My Life

After graduating from ITEPS in September (2017) I moved to Kuwait to teach year 2 at a British school. My first impression of Kuwait was positive and since this is my first time in the Middle East, I was eager to experience the culture and practices of my new home. The for me greatest change was being expected to dress highly modestly. As the majority of the citizens of Kuwait are Muslims, women are to cover up when in public. Even though that means no swimming at the beach or changing to take out the garbage it is part of the experience and helps increase my intercultural competence. My teaching days are Sunday to Thursday as the weekend in Kuwait is on Friday and Saturday. At school, we st

Teaching in a 'war zone'

My name is Anneloes and I graduated from ITEPS in 2017. I started my first job as a primary school teacher on the beautiful Caribbean island Saint Maarten. My first weeks as a kindergarten teacher were crazy, there are so many things I have to do now that I never experienced to be so hard in the teaching practices. All the meetings, reports, parents… You are responsible now and that means you have to work hard! The best part of being a teacher is having your own class, you can do exactly what you want and you can decorate your room the way you want to. Best of all: there is nobody watching you all the time! After a month on the island a category 5 hurricane (Irma) came by. The beautiful, tro

Follow your heart

Hi everyone, my name is Romy and I graduated from the ITEps course last year (2017). In August I started working at the British International School of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as a year 2 teacher. A few of the current ITEps students probably know this school really well, from their teaching practices. After I graduated I had different job interviews, not for international schools though, but for some reason all jobs didn’t feel right. I didn’t quite know what to do at that point - I very normal feeling for a graduate, I’d say - but then, a miracle happened. A good friend of mine, an ITEps student who just did her final TP at BISL, forwarded me an email with a vacancy for this school year. At th







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