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Amnesty is one of the student groups on the Meppel campus. Find out who they are and what they do down below.

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About Amnesty

Who are we?


We are the Amnesty International Studentgroup Teachers Meppel (AISTM), which originates within the ITEps course. ITEps qualifies its students to become international primary teachers, who educate children all over the world. Together with Amnesty International, we want to make a change, regarding human and children's rights.

Our vision


To achieve our mission, we have three main goals:

  • To create resources and materials for teaching human rights to children

  • To raise awareness, first starting with our community in ITEps

  • Raise money for Amnesty International

Our mission

We focus on children's rights within education. As we are future international teachers we have the beautiful opportunity to spread awareness and inspire action to children through teaching all over the world.

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About Us

Our Board

Chair: Nastaran Beik Pourian

Secretary: Rochelle Ceri Smith

Treasurer: Janet Becker

Education Contact Person: Irene van Gelder

Our members....

● Are committed and active

● Help organise / volunteer at events

● Join in with meetings and trainings

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Where to find us

Contact us through our socials if you...

want to join the group

have ideas to help us make a difference

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Upcoming events


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Spreading the Love Fundraiser


Money Collection Week


Movies that Matter Night




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