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Newly renovated restaurant on our Blankenstein Campus

Come and enjoy fresh and delicious smoothies, sandwiches, coffees, and meals at the College Café: the newest hotspot on the Blankenstein College Campus. 


The College Café is a cozy meetup spot you can get together with your class- and housemates, study for the next math test, or enjoy their great food and drinks. It's open four days a week for lunch, coffee, and snacks. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the College Café is also open for dinner! Every two weeks a memo will be uploaded to blackboard with the new menu and any other updates. There's even a loyalty program so you can earn free items!  Also, don't forget to say hi to chef Bas and his wife Dorelies who run the place and will soon become friendly faces on campus (and they can't wait to meet you!)

This cafe opens November 2nd so don't miss it and make a reservation! Making a reservation beforehand is required due to the corona restrictions but hopefully with this organisation we can all enjoy the new space.

Student hotel


The College Campus Meppel has opened! It is located at Blankenstein 540 in Meppel. The campus is thought of as a student hotel. At the moment, there are 80 student accommodations and 4 classrooms, which even means that some students get to wake up and go straight down to their first morning lesson! As the ITEps course is growing rapidly, the extra space is much appreciated, especially now with the implementation of social distancing. The campus is located 5 minutes by bike from the station, as well 5 minutes by bike from the main campus (Van der Duyn van Maasdamstraat). Our new campus is fondly known as Blankenstein!

Welcome near and far!

The new school year has started! We hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and the people around them. Normally, we would celebrate the start of the school year outside in front of the school. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, however everyone is still very excited to be back!

Previous events

Education for Tomorrow
Conference on Human Rights and Citizenship Education
November 2019

Educating for Tomorrow. Those were the words everyone read and heard in and around ITEps in Meppel in November 2019. It is the name of a conference organised by six year three students, Seraina Hollinger, Marie Xhauflair, Hannah Cool, Marie Meyer, Lena Lange, Lea Husung, and one year four student, Marit Pfrommer,  from the teacher program and was based around Human Rights, citizenship education, technological innovation and the different challenges teachers could face in the future. The conference acted as a platform to initiate an exchange between students and lecturers, the local community, and scholars in the field. Over the week, the aim was to build a theoretical foundation on Human Rights and proceed to connect this knowledge with a practical approach. More than 400 people attended the conference and took part in a variety of guest lectures and workshops, organised by people from inside and outside of the ITEps community. The participants, from the NHL Stenden University but also other universities, were able to choose the workshops they would like to attend and pick between a range of topics such as philosophy and the importance of listening, children’s rights, privacy in the digital age, human rights, Amnesty International and many more.

The week started off with a keynote speech by Dr. Joel Westheimer, the author of ‘What kind of citizen?’, a well-known book about education and its connection to the citizens children become, which also mandatory literature for the subject ‘Democratic citizenship’ at ITEps. He flew in from Canada to take part in the conference in the beginning of the week and continued his journey to Norway to a partner university, USN Drammen, where he gave another speech about citizenship education. With his inspiring introduction, the conference was a huge success from the beginning on and was able to help participants create and synthesize tools, activities and materials that can be used in the education of Human Rights and citizenship in the primary and secondary classroom. The workshops encouraged critical thinking about paradoxical situations related to human rights, citizenship and differences in culture, religion and norms of countries. 

The conference will take place every two years at ITEps in Meppel and will continue to create a space for where people from all backgrounds can share and exchange their knowledge, perspectives and opinions related to current topics that need more discussion and are of high relevance for teacher education. More information about the conference, the organising team, the guest speakers as well as the created products can be found on

Alliance for International Education
October 2017

The ITEps course is given the opportunity to attend International educational conferences. 

Our students went to the AEI conference and told their story. Read More about their experience HERE.

ECIS Early Childhood Conference
March 2017

The ITEps course is given the opportunity to attend International educational conferences. Every year a team of students attends the ECIS conferences as part of the staff helping out at the conference and in return being able to attend some of the given workshops.