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Frequently Asked Questions


How is the transition from study to practice?

Finding a Job

         Although your qualification granted from the ITEps course is not recognized everywhere, it is a unique and impressive accreditation.  With international teaching being a sought after profession there is no shortage of job opportunities.  One of the many advantages of having so many student teaching placements during this course is that you create relationships with multiple international schools.  By making a good impression you could set yourself up for a job opportunity in the future.  NHL Stenden Meppel has a plethora of connections with international schools for not only student teaching placements but also jobs.

Presenting Yourself as a New Teacher

       One excellent part of the ITEps course is that each student, as part of their study, creates a Portfolio.  This is a cumulative project over your four years of university that contains your CV, your qualifications, your prior experience and teaching practice, as well as evidence that you have worked toward accomplishing the 8 ITEps competencies for being an international primary school teacher.  This is an excellent tool for showing employers who you are, what you've accomplished in your studies, and is often used by students to apply for teaching jobs.

What Kind of Salary Should You be Looking for?
Your future job:

This is a link to the NHLStenden website's description of the ITEps course and an overview of you possible career with this bachelor's degree.

Can I get a job alongside my study as an international student?

Some information can be found on our Life in Meppel page

Where am I able to work with the qualification I get from this course?

"The Bachelor of Education ITEps allows you to teach at most private funded international schools (about 90% of the international schools are privately funded). Our ITEps course is accredited by the NVAO according to European guidelines (as first course in Europe) and financed by the Dutch government. The major organizations of international schools fully accept our graduates to teach at their schools. To teach at publicly funded international schools you need a government recognized teaching qualification. For teaching at national schools, you always need the teaching qualification of that country."

                        -Ton Gelmers, Location Manager at NHL Stenden Meppel Campus

How does studying abroad with this course work?

Studying (not student teaching) abroad is done through our electives/minors that we offer at NHL Stenden Meppel.  Read about studying abroad with our electives here.

If you have any more questions that you think should be on this page or that you just want answered please message us on this website through the Let's Chat Box in the right corner.

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