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Books & Finances

What does it cost?

Which books do you need? 

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Figure out how to get in touch with the ITEps community and ask all your questions.

Tuition fees & Living costs

Check out this link to get all the information about NHL Stenden's Tuition Fees and living costs estimations.

Health insurance

Check out this link to get more information about getting health insurance in the Netherlands on NHL Stenden's website.

Financing your studies

Follow this link to the NHL Stenden's website to find out more about how to finance your studies including information about working in the Netherlands, student loans and travel.

Be aware!

You also need to consider other factors when it comes to financing the ITEps course. 

You need to finance your Teaching Practice entirely on your own. When you choose to stay in Europe, you will receive support from the ERASMUS program, but also only once for your Teaching Practice throughout the entire course. By going further than Europe, you choose to not receive any support. 

You need to be aware that you need to find accommodation abroad during Teaching Practice and pay your rent in Meppel at the same time. Many try to sub-rent their rooms, but because everyone is going abroad at the same time, it often turns out to be difficult. 

At last, when going abroad for the elective, you will receive some support from ERASMUS, but again consider the factor of paying 2 rents at the same time or time managing the elective and Teaching Practice in an efficient and smart way. 

**More information about ERASMUS and the support you can receive will be up soon**


About two months before you start the course, you will receive further information about your schedule, general information and a book list, where the necessary books are highlighted.

Buying all the books is expensive, which is why you can ask former students if they want to sell their books or lend them to you.

In addition, many of the books are available as PDF files, which does not cost anything and you can always bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone to university to use the files.

To ask for books, you can look for a Facebook page to ask students for books.

IMPORTANT: If you have time before the course begins, start reading and summarising the highlighted books, as this might make it more comfortable for you during the course. You have to read many books at the beginning of the course, which can be stressful as you receive a lot of new information in a short time.

Connect with the community

Check out the official Facebook page and our student groups to connect with current and future students. All questions are welcome there, and you can find updates about student life events and housing.

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