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About MaCi


Magistri Civitas, MaCi for short, is ITEps’ first student association. Magistri Civitas, which stands for ‘Teachers’ community’ aims at organising events and other activities inside and outside of the educational setting. The community in ITEps is growing and as Meppel is not known as a student city, the student association has been working and will continue to work with multiple pubs, restaurants and snack bars around Meppel to make it more attractive to students. 

The board of MaCi now consists of eight members: 

  • President (Sara IJdema)

  • Secretary (Lea Husung)

  • Financer (Max van Aanholt)

  • Board members and presidents of committees (Daan Kuiper, Annabell Stahr, Kate Magee, Joep Hensen and Dr. Troy Regis)


With the new members, new committees have been formed as well:

  • the party committee (members: Joep Hensen, Nadja Stamm, Jurgen Knechten and Lea Husung)

  • the activities committee (Kate Magee, Julie Fröhlich, Alba Pascual Molero and Sunny

  • the PR committee (Kate Magee and Daan Kuiper)

  • the charity committee (Nadja Stamm and Alba Pascual Molero)

  • the discount committee (Annabell Stahr and Kate Magee)

  • the festival committee (Jasper Kiburg and the group of NHLStendtogether)

  • the snowball committee (Sara Ijdema, Hilde Kersteb, Jasper Kiburg, Max van Aanholt and Lea Husung)

If you are interesting in joining the MaCi Board, or would like to help plan an event please contact TYPE NAME HERE.

The goals for the future are to become an official student association and to continue to engage the ITEps students in a more active life in Meppel. At the beginning of every month, the student association publishes an overview of the upcoming events, this way students are able to plan ahead and decide if they would like to join. Most of the events are free of charge to attract as many students as possible to spend an evening with fellow students form the university.  They hope that the student association will grow over the next years and help students who might be far away from their families and friends to find a new community and new friends they can spend time with over the following four years of studying at ITEps. 

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