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Mission & Vision

The Philosophy

Let Ton tell you what is so special about Iteps, why it started and what the future holds.

Why ITEps?

The mision and the vision, learn more about the course.

Mission Statement

NHL Stenden Meppel is the most intimate of our campuses. It hosts the unique course International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps).


ITEps is the first full bachelor programme which trains students as teachers in International schools. The ITEps course is currently given at two universities: 

University College of Southeast Norway (Drammen, Norway) and  NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Meppel, The Netherlands).


The course aims to train students to become independent thinkers, educational innovators and to inspire children to be active and engaged in their learning. The ITEps course touches on many important topics such as multicultural understanding and managing the multicultural classroom.



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