Networking Event

Student for a day

Give it a try

Join the community in Meppel for a day and shadow one of our students. To apply, send an email to

Get a taste

Visit the campus and get to know the course and the school during one of the taster days.


Email us and request a Shadow Day at ITEps in Meppel. You will be given a short tour by one of our fabulous first year students and then the opportunity to participate in Year 1 classes and get the full ITEps experience for the day.

(Right now, taster days are a bit different, as you may not get to be on campus. However, a first year can still take you to class with them virtually so you can get a glimpse of ITEps life!)


Get in touch!

Contact us through the chat if you have any further questions.

Not able to attend a taster day?

Listen to this spoken version of our ITEps taster day presentation from 2019-2020. In this presentation, you will be able to get some of the information given during the taster day. After looking at the  presentation, please feel free the following email address if you have any questions:


Come attend a Taster Day and you will get to tour the campus and get a feel for the course.

You will be given extra information about our mission and requirements. 

Upcoming Taster Days:​​​​

  • On Campus Taster Day: June 12th (2021) 

    •  Get in touch with if you would like
      to to join. We work with time slots for our visitors.
      They can only bring one person with them.​

  • Pre-Arrival Webinar: June 22nd (2021), from 15.00 till 16.15 

    • Join to learn more about Meppel, the study in Spetember and
      other essential information for when you arrive.

Let us know when you come. You will get the full programme of the taster day. See you soon!