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Kick-Off To The New Academic Year, 2019-2020

September 3rd, 2019

​We have started into the new school year 2019-2020! It has been a successful kick-off reuniting with our lecturers, students and staff. Everyone was excited to meet their peers again after the summer break. 

ITEPS welcomed many new staff members into our team from all over the place, including Greece and Canada! We had three students from Year 3-4 holding speeches about our incredible ITEPS community, the NHLSTenden Together Festival and motivated everyone for the new school year! Have a great year everyone! 

NHL Stend Together Festival - A HUGE SUCCESS!

August 30th, 2019

On the 30th of August a group of our students hosted the first edition of 'NHL Stend Together': a music festival to kick off the academic year on a high note. With different music, many decorations and a nice group of people the festival has been a huge success. Musicians from ITEPS or outside of our community came and joined us for this amazing day. The organisation would like to thank all volunteers for helping and everyone who came as this wouldn't have happened without them! 

Introduction Day for Year 1 Students, School Year 2019-2020

August 28th, 2019

This year's introduction days have been a lot of fun! 100 new students came and joined the exciting activities. 15 students from Year 2-3 have taken it into their hands of organising and leading the Intro Days and showing the new students around. During the 3-day-event the Pub Quiz with our lecturer Troy, or rather THE QUIZ DOCTOR, the pub crawl or movie night were highlights during these days. The teacher-related Teacher-Olympics have been a lot of fun as well, introducing the new students into the skills needed as a teacher in different games & activities. By the end of these 3 days, leaders and newbies needed a good long weekend to recover before classes start on Monday Morning! 

Year 1 DBE All Around

June 5th, 2019

​Today, many of our students, teachers, and lecturers were busy chatting with the year 1 students about their final DBE project. During this project, the year 1 students had to create a book about various topics. On June 5th, the day had come for the students to finally show off their creation, and they should have been proud! Some groups made books that integrated a specific curriculum such as the IPC, some groups also created games like word maps and others constructed cinemas in a tent and homemade puppet theaters. The books were written, illustrated, edited and printed, some was even turned into audiobooks! Each group had a unique style, unique products and ideas. 


Overall, seeing the ITEPS community come together to encourage, support and show interest in each other work is just one of the key principles we advocate for here at NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, Meppel campus. 

Year 3 Poster Exhibition

June 3rd, 2019

​The design factory has currently been redecorated with the posters of year 3 students and let me tell you, it is both very aesthetically pleasing and informative. Students worked on posters related to team work & values, inclusive education, assessment, and finally, language education. This exhibition is wholesome, with each poster filled with information that could be used in your next teaching practice or to simply inform yourself and increase your knowledge on various subjects. 


Are you wondering about teamwork in Physical Education, or the use of technology in formative assessments? What about translanguaging or perhaps, ability grouping between classes? Come find out more at the Design Factory!

BA-Thesis: "What happens after ITEps?"

February 4th, 2019

​Where do our former ITEps Meppel students stand after graduating? Do they have a job or did they go on to study? And if they have a job, what kind of job do they have and does it fit in with their education? How do alumni working as teachers, look back on the ITEps competencies developed in the course of the programme?


My name is Marleen and for my BA-thesis, I seek to find an answer to these questions. My personal involvement with the ITEps programme, inspired me to address the knowledge and research-gap in existing studies.


To find answers, ITEps Meppel alumni will be sent an e-mail in which they will be invited to participate. Are you an ITEps alumni and unsure whether your e-mail address is known to the support office? Please submit your name and e-mail address HERE.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for the results!

Meet Our 1st, First-Aid Helpers

November 18, 2018

​Five of our students had the privilege to attend a first aid training course this month. The students had to take a strenuous exam before attending the course in order to be well prepared in case of emergency situations. The course on the 23rd of November was filled with hands-on activities such as extinguishing fires in the parking lot and possible life-threatening situations, where first aid care was needed to prepare the students to act. 

"What a wonderful opportunity to combine duty and learn something out of it. In order to take care of the design factory during opening hours, we were requested to attend a first aid course. Great group of people that came together to make this full day of learning experience worthy" ~ Chiara Bernardi says 

The Design Factory will now be opened from 17:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Thursday, starting on December 3rd, allowing other students to work and study! Feel free to contact any of the first aid certified students: Chiara Bernardi, Pia Damşa, Ieva Simanavičiūtė, Molly Feiyan and Marie Xhauflair. 

ITEps: "A community of learners"

November 3rd, 2018

These past couple weeks have been particularly active for the Meppel Campus. DBE development days took place, a Roadshow Board of NHL-Stenden as well as our Mid-term audit. Of course one of the major highlights of this week was the installation of the new coffee machines. Read all about behind the scenes of these past events in ITEps Newsletter, attached HERE.
And if you missed our last one, you can read that HERE.
Quiz Doctor's First Stenden Quiz Night: A Raging Success

October 17, 2018

​​What is the national color of the Netherlands?  In this past year's World Cup final what was the final score? If you feel confident in your answers, maybe you should join our next Stenden Quiz Night! 
Our very own Troy Regis took the stage last night as Stenden's very own Quiz Doctor! With approximately 10 teams of 4, students and staff enjoyed a laugh filled evening, full of competition and fun. Our winners, as seen in the photo, beat one of our staff teams by only half a point and as a prize chose a delicious cake for dessert. Our Quiz Doctor joined the ITEps staff just this year as part of the mathematics team and has already inspired a huge amount of participation and student events. Stay Tuned for our Holiday Themed Quiz Night coming up in December!
What DBE Means To Me

September 7, 2018

During last week's Wednesday Workshop, the new Year 1's spent the afternoon creating presentations, songs and videos explaining what DBE and ITEPS means to them. Check out some of the songs at the following links: Link 1 & Link 2 

Introduction to the New Academic School Year 2018-2019

September 3rd, 2018

We have welcomed another new academic year! We have welcomed 134 new Year 1 students, a couple of new Maths teachers and have successfully created more space with the new Design Factory! 

It was a great start into the new academic year coming back to the ITEPS community and getting to know the new tutors and classes!

New ITEPS Graduates

June 1st, 2018

Our Newest ITEPS Gradates completed their studies officially on July 10th 2018. A huge congratulations to all of them! Check out this article written about one of our recent graduates Valerie Jansen who is currently working in Italy.

DBE- More Information About the New Way of Learning

May 1st, 2018

The idea behind DBE (Design Based Education) is based on the principles of inquiry-based learning and integrates techniques of design thinking into the educational process. Click Here for more.

ITEPS Graduates

March 27, 2018

We have five more students who have graduated ITEPS in March!

Congratulations to the graduates Marloes de Ligt, Kris Timmerman, Kim Buitenkamp, Celeste Staal and Sander Hulleman!! You will be amazing teachers!

Job Offer

March 24, 2018

As we get contacted more and more for our (soon to be) graduates who are looking for a job, we decided to launch a page where some vacancies will be shown. Are you interested? Then do not wait and check it out!

ITESS in Groningen

November 16, 2017

​ITESS: International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools will start its first academic year in September, 2018. The course is similiar to ITEPS; the classes, teaching practices, researches and so on. The only difference is that this course prepares you to work in International Education for Secondary Schools. There are different subjects you can choose from: Mathematics, German and History.


The campus in located in the Studentcity of the Netherlands, Groningen. Several Tasterdays are organised and published on their site. Feel free to visit if you are curious or would like some more information. They are looking forward to meeting you and telling you everything you want to know. 

Be sure to visit and share their website: 

Introducing the Board

November 16, 2017

Last week, a few of our incredible students presented some of ITEPS' key features to the Board of NHL Stenden. The presentation began with our wonderful new student built website, then followed by our innovative approach to student involvement at ITEPS including our Wednesday Workshops. They did a fabulous job and the Board left very impressed. The presentation of the Website was timed perfectly to coincide with our official launch. Our launch week was incredibly successful. We began with a link release on Monday which grew our viewer list from 3 to 300 in just 2 days. Everyone's support at school and on social media made an incredible impact and is very appreciated. 

Stenden Constructing a New Study Space

December 10, 2017

Currently Stenden still has a gym, which is also being used as a classroom from time to time. From January 2018 on, this building will be renovated and a completely new, open workspace will be created, which will be finished by the start of the new school year. The ITEPS community is rapidly growing and we will need more space very soon. When all the students are at the campus, it can get very crowded. The renovation will make things a lot easier and there will be more space for everyone to work and meet up. 

Taster Day

November 16, 2017

November 18th marked the first Taster Day of the school year. Our wonderful PromoTeam and Staff helped organise and run the event. On all counts it was a great success. The prospective students and their parents rotated in 5 groups each visiting workshops throughout the day. There was a democratic citizenship workshop given by Natalie Shaw, Educational Studies by Grada Okken, Mathematics by Douwe Jan and a student led workshop given by Darcy Hayden and Katherine Ost.

Halloween Party 

October 31, 2017

Quizzing, winning and dancing - the Moto of this year's Halloween Quiz'n Party, organised by and for all ITEPS students and staff. A pub quiz had been organised, where groups of 5 were given the chance to win the prize of a 50€ gift card for Stadscafé Oasis! It was a great success and an even greater fun. With many students joining the costume contest and showing up very creative Halloween outfits!

AIE Conference

October 08, 2017

​Members of our incredible Promo Team represented Stenden at the AIE Conference this weekend. They did a fabulous job or introducing the course and presenting their personal stories.

Teacher of the Year: Vanessa Armstrong

October 06, 2017

Congratulations! After a long year of incredible progress and innovation, Vanessa Armstrong, Year 1 coordinator at ITEPS and friend to many, was awarded the teacher of the year award on World Teacher's Day. She won by an overwhelming majority. Students described Vanessa as caring, inspiring selfless and always going the extra mile. We love you Vanessa! 

Introduction to the New School Year

September 04, 2017

To kick off the new school year, the students from all years were welcomed by Ton, our director and the entire staff. They were then introduced to their year long Tutors and got to know their classmates. Our new lecturers Natalie Shaw and Kristen Botter were welcomed and introduced in to the ITEPS community. Darcy Hayden, a 2nd Year student gave a speech on her experience in the ITEPS course, her expectations for the next years and the incredible community fostered at Stenden University. It was a great start to our new academic year.

Orange Carpet Award Winners

April 04, 2017

This year, the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps) of Stenden in Meppel has won the internationalisation award of the Netherlands: the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award. The Nuffic is the Dutch organisation responsible for the internationalisation of education, and each year presents this award to the best cross-border initiative.


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