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Let's Get Together

Find out what clubs to join, events to participate in and all the social events of the year

Always something to do

The ITEps campus is always buzzing. Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to participate in Clubs, Workshops, Conferences, Pub Quizzes, Celebrations, and lots more. 

Annual Events

Starting your academic journey at ITEps on the right foot. NHL Stenden Meppel, host all the new first years during the Introductions Days giving them the opportunity to meet their peers, explore Meppel and the campus, through Games, Quizzes, Treasure Hunts, Escape rooms BBQs and more. The events of the Intro Days are organized every year to help bring the ITEps students together. The dates and schedule of the Intro Days are sent to each 1st year student via email, and updates may be shared in the Student Facebook Group.


Workshops and Conferences 
  • Workshops are held by students and staff to encourage Life Long Learning, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their previous expertise in a field and share their knowledge. 

  • The Meppel Campus also host many conferences, planned by outside organisations and current ITEps students. These conferences invite speakers within the education field to share their expertise. Education for Tomorrow was a very successful conference planned by our students in 2019 with Joel Westheimer was a key speaker.

  • ITEps is also partnered with AIE and ECIS which our students are often invited to speak, and help out at each year. 

  • More information about conferences can be found on the EVENTS page.

Student Organised Groups

The ITEps community values student independence and creativity and gives space for students to promote projects they are passionate about through student organised groups.


Our Student Association, Magistra Civitas works hard to create social gatherings that bring our diverse student body together in a space of community. MaCi organizes formal dances, Bowling evening, The Quiz Doctor’s Campus Pub Quiz, Halloween celebrations and more. NHL Stend Together, is a Music Festival group which organises events and festivals throughout the year. Learn more about them by clicking HERE.


Amnesty International is our newest group at ITEps and works to promote human and children’s rights. More information about our student organised groups can be found on the next page HERE.

ITEps Clubs

The ITEps community is very diverse and growing. With large number of nationalities, ages and personalities the ITEps course works hard to include all of its students through its creation and promotion of clubs. These clubs are organized by the students for the students, their topics vary every year and adapt to the current interests and needs of the students. A full list of current clubs can be found on the next page HERE.

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