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Applying for a Teaching Position

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Applying for teaching jobs is nerve wrecking. What the recent graduates had told so many in my year was that we had to start applying for teaching positions in February/March or in May. This seemed illogical as we still had to write our dissertations and complete various tasks to receive all our credits, but this process is much like applying to universities with predicted grades. It makes you want to complete your Bachelor degree and move forwards on to the next phase. Make sure that you have a professional CV before you start applying. The lecturers at ITEPs, Stenden, provided me with guidance in what to expect during the interviewing process and what needed adjusting in my CV.

When applying there will be moments that you will be asked for an interview immediately, you might have to wait before getting a response or you may not get a response back at all. This, however, should not discourage you. I completed an application form late May, had my interview and waited for a response. I did not want to start applying for other positions as I really wanted this one. It is vital that you keep applying for others, it is a chance to keep practicing for jobs and each interview prepares you for the next one. You cannot be too particular about the jobs you are applying for. The majority of international schools will require you to have at least three years of experience. You have to remember one thing, with ITEPs you will have more practical experience than anyone else first applying for a teaching position.

Use your placements to make an impression. They could be a school where you would like to work or even receive an offer. I applied to three of my placement schools and I had interviews with them. It was a thrilling feeling that they remembered me as they have had other ITEPs students. I received an offer from my final placement school and I was over the moon. I accepted but soon after I realised that I had no idea where to start when it came to making the move. What did I need? That was the daunting question. You have to be flexible in August as that is when schools have their Week 0, when all the teachers come back and get everything prepared for the upcoming year. So I knew I had to find a place and get settled before that week. One suggestion I have for prospective teachers is that you ask your HR department or Transition Team for support; in finding accommodation and opening a bank account as I had to do it alone and it was stressful. Make sure if you need additional documentation and what those entail as well as require.

I am now teaching a Year 4 class at ISL Primary School Woking, Surrey. At first everything seemed so overwhelming however within a couple of weeks you get in the swing of things. The idea of having your own classroom is frightening but mostly it is an exciting idea. You get to decorate your classroom in a way you want. You get to create a space where the children feel comfortable and safe. I love every moment of it and would not want to do anything else with my life.

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