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X-Honours programme

The extra mile

Get more out of your studies by applying for the

X-Honours program. Run the extra mile by taking part in this extracurricular program.

In need of a challenge?

Do you want to be challenged beyond your textbooks? Are you seeking to do more? 

The X-Honours program gives you that chance.

X-Honours Programme

X-Honours is an extracurricular program for students who are open-minded, curious and want to go the extra mile.  


It provides a challenging environment and community within NHL Stenden for students who want more, can do more, or want to be able to do more than their study program has to offer.


This is to develop individually and professionally, broaden and/or deepen their expertise and skills complementary to their program, with the aim of developing competences that go beyond those of their studies and domains. 


For extra information feel free to visit their website by clicking here or contact Thomas Gitopoulos (

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