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International Teacher Education

for Primary Schools

How to apply

Are you convinced ITEps is what you have always dreamed of? 

Find out more about how you can join the ITEps community!

Official Website

Click here to come to the

official University website


Discover the course

Find out about the different classes, the international opportunities for teaching practice and the many electives to choose from. 

Get to know more

Become a shadow student for a day or join one of our (online) taster days. Both are a great opportunity for you to get to know the course. 

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News from Meppel

Learn more about what is currently going on in Meppel

Join us

Become a student for a day by shadowing one of our ITEps students or join one of our tasters days to learn more about the course.

What's going on?

Read more about what is currently going in Meppel and figure out what's currently going on here.

ITE magazine

Download the latest ITE magazine and get to know the ITE community a bit better. 

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