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International Teacher Education

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Welcome to ITE!

ITE stands for International Teacher Education and is a unique course offered by NHL Stenden University. It consists of ITEPS (International teaching for primary schools) and ITESS (International teaching for secondary schools). This website, created and managed by students, complements the official course website by providing detailed and personal insight into our wonderful program. For official course information, click below.

Working with children in education is incredibly rewarding, offering the chance to shape the future by teaching the next generation to be active citizens and to create a better world. As an international teacher, you have the opportunity to travel, explore diverse languages, cultures, and people, and educate students on being tolerant and open-minded. Every day, international teachers bring the world closer together.

The International Teacher Education course is a full-time, four-year Bachelor's Degree program that allows you to intern globally, study a semester abroad, and expand your worldview. Our Meppel campus is filled with students from all over the world, featuring incredible lecturers and motivated students eager to explore different cultures and broaden their horizons.

Join us in this journey to become a part of a global community of educators dedicated to making a difference in the world. Welcome to ITE!

Our mission:

" We want to train students to become independent thinkers and educational innovators and to inspire children to be active and engaged in their learning. The ITE course touches on many important topics such as multicultural understanding and managing the multicultural classroom."

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ITE-International Teacher Education

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