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Moving to Meppel

As our community is constantly growing, we have established a variety of new student accommodations in Meppel. To give you the best possible overview of some of our main housing options, we have visited some of our students who are currently living in some of them.

The College Campus

In 2019, we have created student housing for (inter)national students. We have two buildings on the College Campus Meppel, the main building which is called 540 and the building in the back of the property which is called 542. The rooms vary in size between 13m² to 32m² in two buildings with shared kitchens, showers and toilets, a common lounge room and a huge terrace.

540 is the main building of College Campus Meppel. On the ground floor you will find our reception, mailboxes, laundry room, the classrooms that NHL Stenden uses, the theater with cinema and our College Cafe. You will find our central hall in 540 with enough space to hang out, chill or study with your friends. Or play a game of pool, table tennis or a game at the table foosball table.

Building 542 was placed next to building 540 in 2021. 542 is constructed from recyclable material from a former care complex. 542 has been transformed into a cozy student house with the Holland theme. 542 has 4 spacious kitchens with cozy tables to eat together. And 1 kitchen is ideal for cooking workshops. We also have a living room on every floor with sofas to plop down on after a long day of school.

The campus offers housing for 156 students who study in or around Meppel.


Welcome to MyStay, where comfort and convenience come together for students who are looking for a homely environment during their studies in Meppel. Our long-stay rooms offer an ideal solution for (international) students who are looking for their own place, with all necessary facilities within easy reach.


The long-stay rooms of MyStay in Meppel are available especially for NHL Stenden students from only € 695,- per month (choice of 6 and 10 months), including all utilities (washing machines and dryers available for a fee). These rooms are fully furnished and equipped with a private bathroom and kitchen, so students can enjoy privacy and independence. At MyStay you will find the perfect home base.


One of the biggest advantages of our long-stay rooms is the excellent location. Located near the station and the bustling center of Meppel, our rooms offer easy access to public transport and all the amenities the city has to offer. Whether you want to do some shopping, go out for dinner, or just relax in a park, everything is within reach.


But it doesn't stop there. In addition to offering comfortable accommodation, MyStay also offers opportunities for students to work at our brand-new MyHotel. Whether it concerns a job in reception, cleaning or in the restaurant, we offer various opportunities to earn some extra money and gain valuable work experience during your study period. Contact us for current vacancies!


In short, MyStay's long-stay rooms in Meppel not only offer students an affordable and comfortable living space, but also an opportunity to work in a hospitable and dynamic environment. Contact us today and discover the options we offer for your stay in Meppel. Welcome to MyStay, your home away from home.

Contact Us

E-mail us:

Call us: +31 (0)38 820 00 82

Living in Nijeveen: Meet Marina!

What is your favourite spot in the house?

My room, here is where all my friends and I gathered at least once a day to talk and have fun or the common room where we sometimes watch movies on the big screen.


How do you organise the communal living?

Cooking is not a problem as everyone in this house has their own kitchen (except ovens and microwave which are in the common living room) and usually because of traditions on times for dinner we eat differently. Other common things are discussed on our WhatsApp chat or eventually we do house meetings. We also have a cleaning schedule.


What is your favourite memory with your house mates?

When we all just moved in and it was still summer and we could spend hours outside in our garden under the sun playing cards, eating and drinking.


 Living at the Windmill: Meet Joëlle

What do you enjoy about your housing community the most?

I love the housing community I live in. We all get along really well; we keep the house clean, we organize parties once in a while, and if we have problems, we have a meeting to sort everything out.


What is your favorite spot in the house?

My favorite spot in the house is the outside picnic bench. When it is nice weather, we sit in the sun, listen to music, and sometimes eat pizza together or organize pancake nights. There is always a beautiful sunset and you can see the windmill.


How do you organize the communal living?

Once a week, we have a cleaning lady who comes to clean the common areas. We also have a cleaning schedule where two students a week make sure that the kitchen is clean. We have a list of stuff that needs to be bought for the house, like (toilet paper, dish soap, etc) and when each student buys something, they write it on there. We barely have problems with noise, but if we do, we gently ask in our WhatsApp group chat to lower the noise.


Living at Schoolstraat: Meet Marieke

What is your favourite memory with your house mates?

Our Secret Santa's and the BBQs outside in the summer. That is so much fun!

What do you enjoy about your housing community the most?

We are all very friendly to each other and we can talk friendly about a problem and how to solve it.


What is your favorite spot in the house?

My room, it is very cozy and I like spending time with friends there.


How do you organise the communal living?

We do have rules. Things like not making too much noise after 11, cleaning up your own pots and pans and sticking to the cleaning schedule. Sometimes things are not done properly, but the most important thing is too communicate about it.

Living in Kolderveen: Meet Andreas!

What do you enjoy about your housing community the most?

Even though we are a rather big housing, each resident possesses a valuable and respected position. We support each other no matter what situation someone finds themselves in.  


What is your favourite spot in the house?

The “Whiskey Area” is a room surrounded by glass walls and the perfect spot to enjoy a book or a deep talk with one of your friends. In summer, we gather on the terrace in front of the room to have many bonfires. 


How do you organize the communal living?

We have weekly house meetings where everyone shares concerns regarding the noises or conditions of the house. Additionally, we established a cleaning schedule right in the beginning to create cleaning groups addressed to certain areas that change weekly. 

What is your favourite memory with your house mates?

Our very first house party where students from the entire ITEps community came over for a drink and dance. 

Living at Rembrandtlaan 50: Meet Anna

Where is your favorite place in the house?

The house has two kitchens/living areas in which I spent a lot of my time together with my friends. In the summer I also enjoy sitting in the outside area. 


How do you organize communal living?

There are two kitchens in the building. For both of them, we have created a cleaning schedule to keep them clean. Most people have done the same thing for the bathroom they share. Next year there will be a house-oldest which will be everyone's main contact person in case there are any problems or concerns. Overall we try to communicate and be as respectful of each other's space and belongings as possible. For this, we have a group chat with everyone from our house where we, for example, let everyone know if there was a party, ask questions, etc.

Rembrandtlaan 1.png
Rembrandtlaan 3.png

What do you enjoy about your housing community the most?

My favorite thing about living in Rembrandtlaan is that there are always people around that you can spend time with. There is always a movie to watch and games to play. Also, since we all study ITEps we can study together and do homework together. The friends I found in our community have made the transition of moving to the Netherlands a lot easier. 


What is your favorite memory with your housing mates?

During the time we have lived here we have organized many different events. For Christmas, we did a Secret Santa with the whole house, which is one of my favorite memories.  We also had costume parties for Halloween and Karneval which was great.

Residential Homes

Find a room

Contact Catrien from the support office for more information on the latest housing options.


This is a student led website and you are welcome to join our facebook group for information on room offers. In this group, students offer their rooms for example while they go on TP or when they are planning to move out. Rooms outside the offer of housing partners are not recommended by the management and municipality of Meppel, so always carefully check the reliability. Click the link to see the group

Are none of these options for you?

Living with a host or host family is a special and cosy way of living. You have your own room but share facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom. It's an ideal solution if you're just starting out on your own or if you're looking for temporary accommodation. 

Hospi Housing has a large network of verified hosts and host families and ensures the perfect match. With the 'No room, No pay' model, you can sign up for free and get in touch with hosts immediately.

Help a student and become a host

Each year over 100.000 new students come to the Netherlands for living. For many of them finding housing is a big challenge. To have a good start of their studies, a safe place to stay is crucial. Therefore we ask for your help.


Do you want advice about what it can do for you? Or do you know someone with a spare room?


Check out or send an email to

These are not official NHL Stenden partners.

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