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About ITEps

The year groups

Year 1

The school year runs from September to June and is split into four modules, each lasting nine weeks with a test week at the end.


In the first part of the year, you'll focus on learning basic teaching skills like how to teach different subjects and understanding how kids grow and learn. You'll plan lessons and even make a children's book with your classmates. In the second part of the year, you'll go deeper into subjects like math and English, and learn how to handle different kinds of students in your class.


  • English as an International Language

  • Educational Studies (pedagogy, didactics, development psychology)

  • Democratic Citizenship

  • Mathematics + How to Teach Maths

  • DBE

  • Tutor hour

You'll obviously  also practice teaching for four weeks at a real school.

Throughout the academic year, running from September to June, your studies are organized into four modules, each lasting nine weeks and concluding with a test week.

In Semester 1, the focus remains on refining teaching abilities, particularly in mathematics and English as an international language. Additionally, you engage in projects centered around sustainable development goals, culminating in a class-organized conference.

Transitioning into Semester 2, you embark on developing a practical math tool, which you then implement and present to primary school students during an end-of-semester exhibition.


  • English as an International Language

  • Academic English

  • Educational Studies

  • Mathematics + How to Teach Math

  • Research & Academic Working Methods

Year 2

The academic year goes from September to June and is organized into two semesters, each ending with a test week.

The first semester is the one where you are going to be attending your Minor. Here you get to choose to focus on an area of interest, choosing between courses in the Netherlands, or with an Exchange partner institution, or one of our Grand Tour locales.

In Meppel the options include:

  • Arts and Culture

  • Inclusive Education

  • History and Social Geography

  • Intercultural Understanding & Religion

  • Science & Technology 

  • Teaching and learning in upper primary 
  • Early childhood education 

Following that, in the Internship & Research phase (second semester), you'll prepare to complete a reserch project aimed to help with your future thesis writing.

This semester comprises a 10-week teaching.

IF YOU ARE A DUTCH STUDENT, it is mandatory for you to do an Elective abroad either in your 3rd or 4th year.

Year 3

The academic year, as all of them do , goes from September to June.

The first semester begins as an elective till the end of January. During this period, you select a minor subject from the program's offers ( see year 3) or through study abroad opportunities such as the Exchange or Grand Tour programs. This phase also entails using your expertise on an international level, to conduct a research project in preparation for your graduation year.

Following that, you begin a 9-12 week internship teaching at an international school, where you will actively participate in teaching, taking responsibility for at least 85% of the classes and fully leading all sessions for two weeks in a row.


Following the internship, you complete your bachelor thesis.

IF YOU ARE A DUTCH STUDENT, it is mandatory for you to do an Elective abroad either in your 3rd or 4th year.

Year 4

Our Lecturers

Our lecturers, international lecturers from all over the world, are a huge part of our community. Find out more about who is teaching us and what they think about our course.

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