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ITEps offers you the opportunity to take 2 chosen Electives in Year 3 and 4.

One of these will take place in Meppel, the second one can be all over the world.

The choice

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Inclusive Education is a well rounded Elective giving you the essential knowledge to have a fully inclusive classroom catering to all the different types of learners. During the course you will get an inside look into the main learning difficulties and possible differences in your classroom. You will get an insight into strategies and techniques and have several expert guest lecturers bring insight into the elective. 

This elective is given in: Meppel (NL).

Students, ITEPS, Teacher, Special Needs, Inclusive Education
Students, ITEPS, Teacher,  Intercultural, Religious Education

Religion and culture will be a day-to-day occurrence in your future classroom. Discovering your own identity more, and exploring other, new perspectives on life can only be beneficial. For yourself and your students.


The Elective is split in 3 parts (each 6 weeks):

Module 1 Philosophical Dialogue

Module 2 Culture, Religion and Society

Module 3 Major World Religions

The minor has a lot of input (without teaching practice) and valuable literature. There is a lot of reading and self-studying involved, but with the splitting of the semester, you can expect the teacher to be in his/her expertise and therefore motivated and excited themselves.

This elective is given in: Meppel (NL)


Science is a fundamental part of education and this electives gives you the tools necessary to teach science in a fun engaging way to children. Filled with theory and practical experiments. This elective is divided into the 3 main branches of science: Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The course plan includes learning outcomes related to theoretical and didactical knowledge. The elective is filled with hands on experiments, fun activities and outdoor excursions. You will be given the opportunity to apply your new scientific in different ways, and will receive a full comprehensive knowledge and base of science beyond what is necessary for elementary education. You will be able to take your knowledge directly into your future classroom. 

This elective is given in: Meppel (NL)

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Students, ITEPS, Teacher, Art, Culture

In the Arts and Culture elective, the focus is put on art subjects (visual arts, drama, music and dance). Students are introduced to themes like the place of arts in general education, the specific contribution of arts subjects, arts in conjunctions with other subjects and the development of children and how art subjects can contribute to good education.

In this elective, balance is pursued between broad and in depth learning, practical and theoretical elements and own artistic development and not to forget the teaching skills. There are tutorials, projects, internships and workshops to support the students’ learning. Next to that, the assignments allow students also to make their own choices and to use them in such a way that these contribute to the development of their A&C competencies to a maximum degree.

This elective is given in: Meppel (NL).


This elective is given in: Meppel (NL).

Students, ITEPS, Teacher, Art, Culture