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ITEps gives you the chance to practice your teaching skills immediately. Your first placement takes place in your first year.

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Practicing at international schools around the world gives students the chance to experience a multitude of cultures in the classroom.


The Teaching Practice is a very important part of your teacher education. Next to all the classes and theory provided at school, every year the students go to one of NHL Stenden's Teaching Practice schools all over the world to experience what it is really like to be a teacher.

You start with your Teaching Practice, right in the first year, six weeks after you started the course. This will help you to put the newly acquired theory from your classes into practice right away, figure out if this is what you really want to do and experience the life of a teacher from early on. The Teaching Practice accompanies you throughout the whole ITEps course, which gives you the opportunity to continuously develop from each Teaching Practice to another and to recognise the progress and improvements you made compared to the previous year. 

Each student will have a mentor teacher at their school, who leads them through the practice, introduces them into the everyday life in the classroom and supports them with their development as a student teacher. You will teach your first lessons, guide your first activities and your mentor teacher helps you to make these successful. 

Read more about how teaching practice is set up for each year in the descriptions below.

A total of 6 weeks of Teaching Practice, which is divided into 2 blocks.


Having a teaching practice within a radius of 600km around Meppel, makes it possible for NHL Stenden lecturers to come and visit you on teaching practice and to keep track of your first developments as a student teacher. 

What are the guidelines for Year 1: 

Block 1 consists of two weeks and it starts in November. The first block is focused on preparing students for their future teaching practices at schools. Most activities are on campus in Meppel and cover a wide range of topics: curriculum explorations; interviews with classroom teachers at partner schools; design-based learning projects and teaching- workshops.

Block 2 consists of four weeks and starts in January. During this block, students go on a four-week teaching practice primarily in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, or Belgium.

Year 1

- 8 weeks of TP in total, one block in spring  

One of the Teaching Practice's in Year 2 & 3 has to be completed within the 600km radius around Meppel, the other one can take place in any other school in the world. If you either pick the "close" Teaching Practice in Year 2 or 3, does not matter, it is your choice. 

What are the guidelines for Year 2:     

You are supposed to teach 

approximately 65% of the lessons in your class. 

Year 2

- 10 weeks of TP in total one block in spring 

One of the Teaching Practice's in Year 2 & 3 has to be done within the 600km radius around Meppel, the other one can take place in any other school in the world. If you either pick the "close" Teaching Practice in Year 2 or 3, does not matter, it is your choice. 

What are the guidelines for Year 3: 

You are supposed to teach approximately 75% of the lessons in your class

Year 3

- 10-12 weeks of TP in total during the  last semester of the course 

-TP will take place while writing the bachelor thesis

This Teaching Practice can take place at any school international school around the world.   

What are the guidelines for Year 4: 

You are supposed to teach approximately 85% of the lessons in your class. Furthermore you are expected to teach 100% of the classes for at least 2 weeks including full teaching commitment. 

Year 4


This map shows you all of the Teaching Practice schools NHL Stenden is currently cooperating with. This map is expanding year by year. 

For your information: On the map, the schools which can be picked within the 600km radius around Meppel, are sorted by country. The schools which can be picked for the international Teaching Practice, are sorted by continents. 

When you click on a school, you can find important information in the description, telling you more about this school and the country it is placed in. 

In the description you can find the names of students, who have already been to this school and are open for you to contact them and ask further questions and tell about experiences they have made. 


This map shows every single Teaching Practice School ITEps has a partnership with. This does not mean that you can undertake your internship at every school at all times. Every year a list will be published listing the schools that will have open placements for the following year. You can then apply for your favourite schools.  

You do not know which place is affordable for you?

Check out and get informed about the cost of living for each Teaching Practice country or city to help you decide which school works best for you. 

Each school is marked on the map by the logo of their curriculum, which tells you more about the teaching style and environment around the school. 

British National Curriculum (NC): 

International Primary Curriculum (IPC): 

International Baccelaurate (IB): 

Bilingual Schools: 

Flags stand for curriculums

that are from that specific country: